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Congratulations on the 20th anniversary of the establishment of Sunwin Industry Group


On February 8, the 20th-anniversary celebration of Sunwin Industry Group was held in Shanghai. Li Rui, Vice President of Minhang District, Shanghai; Tao Xingwei, Secretary of the Party Committee of Pujiang Town, Minhang District, Shanghai; and Ji Shengjun, President of the Shanghai Import and Export Chamber of Commerce, attended the scene and delivered congratulations.

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The government and industry guests attending the forum also included Shen Li, member of the Party Committee, deputy director and deputy director of the Grain and Material Reserve Bureau of the Shanghai Minhang District Economic Committee; Zhang Bin, president of the Shanghai Pudong International Chamber of Commerce; Wang Ying, Secretary-General of the Shanghai Import and Export Chamber of Commerce; Lin Shuya, Secretary-General of the Shanghai Pudong International Chamber of Commerce; Wu Shuyi, the former Secretary-General of  Shanghai Household Textile Industry Association; Lu Zhengyi, Deputy General Manager of the Pudong Branch of China Export Credit Insurance Company; Tian Ye, Marketing Center Director of China Foreign Transportation East China Co., Ltd.

Partners attending the celebration include representatives of eight banks; some core customers representatives of Sunwin: Tesco, Studio, JC Penny, New times, and Home Depot; some core partners and suppliers - Nobo Biotechnology, Amazon, Dongguan Super Ying, Antai Group, Yuyuan Lingtai, Evergreen Logistics, Jiahong Logistics, Jinhai Jieya, Federal International Express, Biwei Testing, South German Certification Testing, Cambodian Polar Textiles, etc.



Professor Shi Wei, the founding partner of Huaxia Keystone Management Consulting Group, Mr. Li Xiangqun, managing partner and strategic positioning expert of Trout (China), and Mr. Liu Yichun, founder of Nianzhi Brand Business Innovation Service, weres invited to deliver keynote speeches respectively. Dr. Wang Ronghua, Chief Strategic Officer of Sunwin, reported on the strategic planning of Sunwin in ESG. Wang Yaomin, chairman of the group, proposed that Sunwin focuses on user value, user value experience, and user mental cognition. It also must adhere to products, values, and long-term, and create multiple advantages of leading technology, design, and cost-leading.



The annual meeting was hosted by Liu Ye, the first financial host, and a round-table forum on fashion home trends was held to discuss the current problems and future development of the fashion home export industry home. Participants in the meeting were: Sam, General Manager of Newtimes Shanghai Office Business; Chen Jingjing, Executive General Manager of the Investment Banking Department of CICC; Qian Anhua, Chairman of Antai Group; Howard, Head of Amazon Global Store in Shanghai; Shi Wei, Founding Partner of Huaxia Keystone Management Consulting Group; and Wang Yaomin, the chairman of Sunwin Group.



From 2003 to 2023, in a blink of an eye, Sunwin Industry Group has been going through 20 years. Thanks for your love and help! Sunwin Industry Group will continue to focus on the main channel, battlefield, and category and move forward firmly toward the strategic goal of brand internationalization and operation globalization!