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Shanghai Sunwin
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At the end of 2002, Mr. Wang Yaomin founded Shanghai Sunwin International Trade Co., Ltd. In 2013, through business reorganization, Shanghai Sunwin Industry Group Co.,Ltd. was established, and in 2019 it was changed to a joint-stock company. The company has been ranked among the top 100 Chinese home textile export enterprises for many years, and is the "China Foreign Trade Export Leading Index Sample Enterprise" of the General Administration of Customs of China.

Sunwin is an innovation-driven "product type" integrated brand operator, committed to "material innovation × original design × global supply chain management" as the core competitiveness, to become the original design leader of characteristic home soft products. Through the ODM+B2B model, the company sells special home soft products, clothing accessories and high-tech functional fabrics to medium and large department store retailers and high-end brand store customers around the world, and provides original design, brand marketing and global supply chain management as the core All in one overall solution.
Sunwin insists on increasing and speeding up strategic investment in material-level research and development, and uses the wholly-owned subsidiary "Shanghai Alltex Technology Industry Co., Ltd." as a research and development platform to focus on "fancy yarns", "velvet fabrics" and "functional fabrics" are three types of core fabrics that have been accumulated by the company for more than ten years and have industry-leading advantages. Through the integrated innovation of materials, structures and processes, they continue to iterate themselves, and combine renewable, degradable, recyclable, etc. Following the trend of green recycling and environmental protection, a series of functional new fabrics have been developed to build core competition barriers in the underlying research and development, and empower the original design of products.

The original design of Sunwin is led by the design director of the United States, joined by designers from the United States, the United Kingdom and other countries, and forms a multinational and cross-cultural design team with returnee designers and local designers, and has built a unique systematic design Concept, including unified design workflow, design language system and design work value evaluation criteria.
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Focusing on the construction goal of "four complete supply chains" (global layout, full-process control, comprehensive sustainability, and full traceability), Sunwin has built a comprehensive supply chain from fabric yarn, textile printing and dyeing, finished product manufacturing, and quality inspection packaging to customs clearance. A supply chain management system that controls the entire process of shipment, foreign exchange collection and write-off, as well as a strict supplier management system with entry and exit, and implements unified quality control, inspection procedures, and AQL inspection standards for cooperative factories and independent factories.

After long-term cooperation, Sunwin has won the trust and authorization of some major customers, and obtained the authority to inspect goods independently, which reflects the company's proficiency in grasping the quality requirements of foreign customers and the quality control level of the factory. At present, the company has 3 domestic independent professional factories, 1 intelligent modeling factory under construction, and more than 150 partner factories across the country, and is accelerating the global supply chain layout in South Asia, Southeast Asia, North Africa and other countries.

Overseas distribution channels
Global marketing network

The company has overseas subsidiaries in New York, Liverpool, Amsterdam, and Hong Kong, China. It operates in more than 30 countries and regions around the world, and has more than 200 global mid-to-high-end department store retailers and brand stores. Target, Nordstrom , Macy's, Matalan, Vera Bradley, Pottery Barn, Barefoot Dreams, Lands' End, Zara and many other core suppliers of European and American high-end retailers and brands.