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Shanghai Sunwin Group 2019 Innovation Day



On August 30, the 2019 Innovation Day of Sunwin Group was held in Pudong, Shanghai with the theme of “Plan before Move, Innovate and Outsmart”. The conference was attended by not only the headquarters of the group and its subsidiaries, but also the strategic partners in various fields: international customer representatives, domestic customer representatives, strategic investors, securities traders, accounting firms, law firms, alliance suppliers, etc.


In the keynote speech, Shadow Wang, President of Sunwin Group, drew on Jack Trout’s “positioning theory”, explained how companies can use positioning to build unique core value propositions and unique operating systems from the key issues, core objectives, strategic choices and other dimensions of positioning, and clarified the positioning of Sunwin, that is to be “Your Most Valuable Partner”.


In the blueprint for future development, the chairman analyzed existing four core advantages of Sunwin: 1. absolutely differentiated product portfolio; 2. excellent and leading full case design services; 3. intelligent supply chain management system that ensures quality and on-time delivery; and 4. one-stop shopping convenience facilitated by category-related diversity. He also outlined the four strategic goals of Sunwin through practical and specific innovation strategy design: international Sunwin + Chinese Sunwin + cross-border Sunwin + capital Sunwin.


The multinational and cross-cultural original designer team is always the guarantee of Sunwin’s core advantages. Designers released trending themes and new designs for autumn/winter 2020 in four categories: home furnishing, clothing, accessories and children’s products. In the future, the global architecture of Sunwin’s design marketing center will be further expanded to India and South Africa, based on the existing sites in Shanghai, Hong Kong, New York and Amsterdam.