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Shanghai Sunwin Group 2019 Strategic Reflection Day



On November 2nd, Shanghai Sunwin Group held its annual strategic reflection day meeting under the motto of “regular reflection and advancement with the times”. President Shadow Wang issued the Group’s overall tasks in the new period, proposed the requirements of comprehensively upgrading product innovation and customer experience, and said that advocating value innovation is rooted in the DNA of Sunwin. We will create a whole value chain of value innovation in the whole process of “value creation - value evaluation - value transmission - value delivery”.


The heads of departments, subsidiaries and factories of the Group have shared and reflected on their work from different perspectives, including global market architecture, market development in the southern hemisphere and along the Belt and Road, impressionist marketing, whole-case design process, supply chain management, overall budget management and per capita performance growth.


Pang Juan, teacher from the Overseas Education College of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, made a fair comment on the nearly one-year special training for middle and senior managers of Sunwin Group in Overseas Education College of Shanghai Jiao Tong University and the seven research results they submitted.


In the new period when the Group is sprinting for listing, the chairman announced the core values after the upgrade of corporate culture namely, putting customer first, innovating in the right way, beginning with the end in mind, and achieving success by helping others. Meanwhile, he called on all employees, “Life is not planned; life is a struggle and it is a collective struggle!”